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Xirex Storm/M3 Hyperdrive Parts For Sale:

Scoot has 39.5 miles on it. Previous Owner went wide into some mulch. He was going to repair it but couldn't get it titled.

I bought it for the engine and electronics. These are the bits that survived and I'm not going to use. If it's not here, I probably don't have it but you can always ask.

I'm not a professional scooter partsologist, if you don't like my price you can send me an email telling me what a jerk I am or make me an offer - one works better.

Multiple piece or entire lot offers accepted. Basically, I want the stuff out of my garage and a little working cash for the project.

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Nose piece (including lights and horn cover) -
Good shape, some of the faux fiber chipped off at edges, lights works
Tail section (both halves and lights) -
Fair shape. Deep scratches into plastic on one side, two tabs broken, one cracked all repairable, one crack - weldable. Bottom line a $45 plastic welder from harbor frieght, a tube of epoxy and can of spray paint and this piece will look and work good.
Top of headset (includes gauges) -
Good shape. Gauges worked. Includes wiring down to the clip.
Bottom of headset (includes one light) -
Fair shape. Some scratches on one side where the turn signal broke off.
Front fender -
Good shape. No Damage.
Tail hugger, inner fender (includes everything in pic) -
Good shape. No damage. Did not verify if the plate light works but all the other lights do.
Front wheel 13"x3.5 (includes brake disk, Kenda tire) -
Good shape. Brake side dust seal a little mushed in. Tire not holding air (re-seal)
Seat and pan (includes release latch - no lock) -
Good shape. No rips, tears or discoloration
Inside Legshield (includes ID plates) -
Good shape. Has pop out cup holder and I don't know what holder. Includes ID plates but Motofino says this isn't one of their models.
Forks, Progressive Springs -
Good shape mechanically - fair shape cosmetically. Fork legs chipped. Nice progressive springs. There is an adjuster bolt on bottom but can't verify it actually adjusts anything. It might - I just didn't try them.
Front Brake Setup (with ABS) -
Good shape. Pitting on chrome handle. Has one of those ABS modules. Pads all but new. Includes mounting bracket.
Rear Brake Setup -
Fair shape. Dual resevoir. Brake handle broken. Pads all but new. Does NOT include mounting bracket.
Gas tank (includes cap, fuel gauge)-
Good shape. Inside clean and rust free. Does NOT include vacuum petcock.
Triple tree / Fork Stem (includes bearings, cup and nuts) -
Good shape. Not bent. Threads good.
Radiator and Fan (includes temp sending unit)-
Good shape. One fan braket weld came loose. Easy to drill it and run a small bolt through to hold it.
Speedo drive (includes cable)-
Fair shape. A little chipped. Some of the cable's shield chipped. Works.
Alarm (includes fob, electronics, siren)-
Worked when removed. Includes additional speaker/siren not in picture.

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